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Brightside Family Services offers Telehealth Outpatient Services

Cheryl Jacko, LPC  - Clinical Director

Certified Gottman Therapist

(Couples Only)

If you are looking to manage conflict, improve communication, rebuild trust, or enhance friendship/intimacy with your significant other, you have come to the right place. Relationships can be challenging and many people seek counseling when they are at a crossroads with their partner.


Working exclusively with couples, I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which is an evidenced-based treatment for improving relationships based on 40+ years of research.  This approach thoroughly assesses the strengths and challenges of your relationship and addresses the issues with research-based tools to help productively manage conflict and deepen friendship and intimacy as you work toward your relationship goals.  As an adjunct professor with extensive counseling experience in treating relationship and mental health issues, combing therapy and education is a very important aspect of my work with couples.


I am glad you have come this far, as I am here to offer hope and help in navigating your relationship as we work to find solutions together. Thank you for choosing this courageous step, I look forward to meeting you soon!


Monica Kristen, LCSW

Adolescents, Adults 

Often as we enter a new developmental stage, or move into adulthood we reflect back on our life. At times, these reflections can bring traumatic situations from youth to our awareness. Similarly, transitions from one life stage to another, or from one location to another can bring up concerns. It is helpful to talk through these traumas, or memories so as to not allow them to hold you back in the future.


I come to you with seven years experience working with trauma survivors of all ages. I specialize in working with teens and adults who may have experienced something troubling, and feel stuck in their life. I hope to assist in assessing what the root cause may be, and designing a plan to move through these issues together. Often times, family members become involved to maximize therapeutic time, and improve communication within important relationships.


I look forward to meeting you or you your child, and helping you utilize your strengths to start the journey towards overcoming your personal challenges.


Treats: depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, self-esteem issues, LGBTQ+

 insurance accepted (based on clinician)



Out of Network 

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